If we had 1 more last name, we each could have our own. Indie Chayse, Cam Jade, Ellie and Cam

Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Bam hit da wall"

It has become tradition for our family to go see the "Witches" at Gardener Village. The display is awesome and very kid friendly. My brother, sisters and I were able to find a time in all of our busy schedules to go together and it was a lot of stroller filled fun. Cameron Jade and my nephew Collin have such a good time together and enjoy giving each other a run for their money.

"Bam hit da wall" started the 1st year we went, when Cameron Jade was 2. She saw the witch on the Shiloh and said "look mom, that one went bam hit da wall". I can still hear her sweet and squeaky voice telling me with so much exceitement

Besides the statue witches on display all over, the kids got to meet Isadora, a live witch, and her pet rat Zoey (not alive) who showed off for them for a few minutes, they were mesmerized.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Skinny Innie"

Our NOW baby, Indie, recently had her 1st birthday. Poor girl started with a fever and was throwing up just a few days before and it lasted until a few days after. Even after dealing with all of that she was still tickled pink about everything Birthday. She smiled and was excited about every gift she got, who does that at 1? And when we sang "Happy Birthday" to her she looked at everyone with this look that said "all of this for me?".

She went in to see the Dr. for her 1 year check and came out being in only the 1st % for her weight and droped to 32nd for her height. And if you saw this girl eat you would be wondering where in the world she puts it. She can put away more food than her big sister who is 6 years older. So since this visit Cam has been on a mission to feed her as much "butter and cream" (as suggested by the Dr.) as she wants.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Animal House Grooming

After much talk and then a lot of sweat and tears, Animal House Grooming is now open for business. Shop is located at 8370 W. 3500 S. in Magna in the same building as West Side Salon. If you want your pooch to feel pampered then you need to check us out. Cam has been doing this so long, I really think he is the best there is and what is better than supporting a local, small business?!?! We offer a wide range of services from a simple nail trim to detailed, specialized cuts. Call for a price quote and appointment (801) 250-2317.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Last Name

So this is my 1st blog....I am a virgin blogger! I had it in mind what I wanted my first topic to be but as I was setting my new blog site I realized how difficult it was for me to give our family a title.
Some of you may already know this story but let me catch the rest of you up. Cameron was raised by Ken Driffill, who is not his biological father, but his Dad in every other way. Cam was never legally given the name Driffill however was brought up and enrolled in to school as such. So he has been known as both Batt, his mothers maiden name and Driffill. I have never taken his name due to this issue. My stand is that it is up to him but he has not been able to make a decision. So until then I remain Stringfellow.
What do you think about combining them??? Maybe Driffbattfellow or Battstringfill???